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It's been a few years now, time for a bio update.

Hi, I'm Aquarion. My primary interaction with CLS is that I host all your websites except this one. Yet.

I used to play characters who wanted a simpler world. Sometimes by burning it, sometimes by improving it.

I am head ref for Odyssey, and you should play Odyssey. It's awesome, we're two thirds though the story, and there's places for new characters to change the world right up until the final days.

I am Wiki Minion and NPC for Empire. You could play that too, if you wanted to.


I can be contacted by emailing nicholas at aquarionics dot com. If you're in trouble, if nobody else can help, and you can't find me, maybe you should look at; Project walrus:

I host and own, and still host the old CUTT site there. More recently, I host and all its subdomains. In the event I get hit by a bus, people who have admin access to the server to recover things include ccooke.

Being There

Because I live and work in London, I can't make it up to TT as often as I'd like or - judging by current attendance record - ever.


These are my CUTT characters:

These were my Maelstromic Characters

I'm the straightjacketed nominal straight edge (not quite measured enough to be a ruler) of the Maelstromic IRC empire Maelfroth. You can find more details at

Other Subpages of here, mostly outdated

(Previous Tektek: )


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