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This is my problem.

I don't give a flying fuck about your numbers. At all. I'm not in this for the XP, for the singles, doubles, triples, flaming kittens though or for the system. It is Not My World. I am here, when I am here - which is a separate problem - for the roleplay. I don't play daggerbunnies, blasters, tanks, controllers. I play Panama, Satrah, J and whatever NPCs. You may be of the opinion I'm not very good at this, and I don't particularly care. I linear when my characters have a reason to and when their physrep is able to, I ignore my character sheet to a large extent.

The game of Go has, according to legend, been around since ~2200 BC, spread around the world by people who have been captivated by it and passed it on. I am - predictably - awful at it, as I am at Chess and for many of the same reasons. The community of people who play it (...who talk on t'internet...) can be divided into sections. There are the people who come to it from a scientific/mathmo background, and the people who don't. There are various results of a game of Go that result in a type of stalemate that happens once or twice in a lifetime of playing the game. Tradition dictates that the game is declared void, the stalemate put down to "bad spirits" and struck from the record. The players who are approaching the game as a logic problem to be solved, however, aren't happy with this and are attempting to change the official ruleset to deal with that, because then they will have The Perfect Game, until they find a new thing, like how you count the stones. The letter but not the spirit of the rules. Games are not - just - logic games to be solved.

My problem with "unphysrepable" is degrees. It is fair to get rid of things where the game has to stop so that an effect can be sorted for little or no "cool" gain to the event (By which I mean 'TIME FREEZE so that I can find a rope for Wall of fire, okay if you pass though this you take RED DOUBLE' is bad, but "ULTIMATE FAITH. TIME FREEZE!" is not). Generally, "Unphysrepable" falls into two categories: That which requires a ref to do, and that would require explanation to anyone who doesn't know what it does already.

The first is a problem, reftime is a premium product to be carefully rationed. Talk to X, Ultimate Faith etc. The second is a massive problem in combat (where you have to Just Take It without faff) and a problem in general uptime, but not a massive one. The solution to this appears to have been Research Spells, which allow "flavour" spells (such as the defunct rope trick, for example), but which not only does your character not know what they're seeing, the characters _physrep_ does't know what he's seeing either, taking a major problem that was (a character comes in late and doesn't know what's going on) and turning it into a different problem (nobody knows what it is apart from the caster, who explains). We already have to have some kind of "BTW this is happening" for the first case in the form of multilanguage ("By the way, this is all in Tenguar") which is unideal, but important for representing fantasy/hard skills in a different universe, which is something we're _always_ having to do, given that we can't throw fireballs, summon gods, wrap people in pebbles or turn latex into gold.

This isn't completely coherent, is it? The conclusion follows.

I've given up. The constant attempt to create "The Perfect System" instead of a system we can actually play and work within has entirely worn me back, and I'm pretty sure that another three months of them will destroy my faith in humanity. Depending on how I feel by then, I'll see you next term, if I don't see you at Maelstrom sooner. I'm still monitoring here, and I'm contactable by normal means. Otherwise...

Happy Trails.

I concur. Larp is about the roleplay for me, not about YAY NUMBERS LET US PLAY WITH THEM. When people start sacrificing roleplay for 'a more elegant system', or people start criticising a build because it's chosen for roleplay not for munchkinning, I start getting pissed off. --Locksmith

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