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Welcome to the Cambridge Larp Society Wiki!

This is the player wiki for the [Cambridge LARP Society], formerly known as Treasure Trap, hence the name TTwiki.

Our current game is Citadel

Help, why Can't I edit the pages?

We also have an IRC channel, #larp on A lot of social / holiday events are organised through IRC. If you have no idea what IRC is, try downloading mIRC or Trillian (googling for their names gets you the download link) - '' is the 'server', and when you are connected to the server you can type '/join #larp' to get into the right channel. See IRCinstructions for more on this.

Points of Interest

A cautionary note: WhenPoliceAttack

Where'd that go?

Pages appear for various purposes and then vanish. If you think there is a page about a thing, but cannot remember where it could possibly be, I'd (a) Perform a ritual asking for the servant of an elemental lord and/or god to help you, (b) Attune a divining rod to the subject you wish to find, and (c) if all this fails [check the wiki pages index].

Editing the Wiki

Feel free to make your own HomePage (and stick CategoryHomePage at the bottom so it doesn't get lost) - this should not be your character's name for reasons of avoiding confusion. To make a page for your character, link it from your HomePage using [[/CharacterName]] (no spaces), put things such as a physical description and their background - though no DeepDarkSecrets please - and stick CategoryCharacter on the bottom.

Please, please don't feel obliged to put your character sheet on the wiki

It'll take us a while to shake-down Etiquette and stuff, but for now look at [this] and remember that page names are case sensitive and shouldn't have spaces (or underscores) in them. Also, in general, if you make a new page try to link it from somewhere - otherwise it'll get lost!

Note: There are a lot of pages where discussions have taken place and it's really not sure who's written what. As a general guide, if you're writing in the first person you should sign what you've written.

Help! I don't know how to do this!

Don't panic! [[ToothyWiki]] (of which this wiki is the grandchild) have a nice summary of how to do simple editing. If you do make a page with the wrong name, or by accident, label it with MaintainMe and a note explaining what's wrong and a friendly Administrator will clear it up.

You may find it useful to note that clicking on the page title at the top will give a list of all sub-pages and back-links of a page - this is how Categories work. Oh, and <br> gives a line-break, whilst putting <pre> and </pre> or <nowiki> and </nowiki> around something will make it display as-is.


If you have an RSS reader, or you want to add TTWiki to your browser's "Live Bookmarks" feature, you will want the [feed of all recent changes]. If not, you won't. If you want to know what the hell a 'feed' is for [the BBC have a pretty good guide]

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