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Calamalac - who, if he as introduced himself to you, has done so as Calam - is an investigator of the Glass Fulcrum, part of the order of the fulcrum. He wears a long black coat with red trim, and is a Paladin of Balance.

He was originally sent to Grantabrugge because it is fractally unbalanced. Not only is the city an example of imbalance within the country, but every instance of imbalance in the world for the past few years has been generated from this very small area. He was sent by the Fulcrum to find out what the hell was going on. Along the journey, chaos broke out and Balance started talking to him continuously. Unprecidentedly, he warned the local Balance church that he was on his way, and was returned with an invitation from a Morvanite to go to a specific bar as soon as he arrived on Friday, because they were planning to summon all the avatars at once. And so, Calam arrived in the bar after three days without sleep and several weeks without rest, and was told he was going to help debate an amendment to the Pantheonic Treaty (History/YearSixInteractiveSeven).

Shortly after this he vanished for a little while, partly for personal reasons, partly because he was warned that for his part in the amendment he was likely to be mobbed. As a result, he was absent from the city for the destruction of the temple of Humact, for which his order will eventually forgive him.

Generally, he carries a long sword borrowed from the armoury of Balance. For occasions when he is doing battle in his god's name, he will use the five foot two-handed sword, "Impunity". The sword is the only one he has ever actually owned, though he is not as good with it as he used to be. The name is more recent.

He talks a great deal. Usually in circles.

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