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Justin Feathershod is an investigative reporter, he used to write a column called J's Londinium for the Star of Londinium, but when he followed up a story about some strange goings on in the highest of upper classes, he found out slightly too much about exactly how far Sordanism goes. He isn't allowed back in his beloved home city anymore, so he travels the world sending stories to newspapers that might print them.

His last assignment was to cover the Teutonian Chainmail Show over the summer, but nobody has heard from him since.

Character Sheet 2006/2007

J doesn't have a current character sheet - he exists only as a place for stuff I want to write for the gossip to come from - but he did for a little while. Before I replay him, he'll get restatted. This is my single attempt to munchkin-build in TT, and I dearly hope it to be my last, for the entire build was to get me Disguise II with 150xp, and then never to come into the bar as his real identity, then post snipey little things to the Gossip. This failed because I couldn't get to more than one in four interactives, and then we fixed disguise so I couldn't do it anymore. Thus ends my metagaming career :)

0 Level 0

    * Subterfuge (15xp) (15)
    * Subterfuge II (30xp) (45)
    * Disguise I (10xp) (55)
    * Income (5xp) (60)

60 Level 1

    * Subterfuge III (15xp) (15)
    * Subterfuge IV (20xp) (45)

    * Literacy (6xp) (51)
    * Numeracy (2xp) (53)
    * Speak Other Language: (51xp): (58);
          o Tengwar: (1xp)
          o Romish: (1xp)
          o Quenyar: (1xp
          o Pyrokin: (1xp)
    * [FOIP] - 1xp;
    * Read/Write?: (21xp) 60
          o Tengwar: (1xp)
          o Romish: (1xp)

120 Level 2

    * [FOIP] - 1xp;
    * Subterfuge V (15xp) (16)
    * Disguise II (5xp) (21)
    * Streetfighter I (5xp) (26)
    * Background: (41xp) (30)
          o Londinum
          o Printing Industry
          o London Society
          o Grantabrugge Society

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