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S. Detail 'Det' Marshall

This is a Maelstrom character.

((None of this is deep dark FOIP, but I would request you maintain your walls carefully)) ((It's also increasingly inaccurate))

Speaker Detail 'Det' Marshall, Priest of the Weaver, is entirely pointless. He's been told he is pointless for a long time, by a succession of more or less successful people, and is on something of a quest to avoid being pointless for a little while, and avoid being pointless in the same way twice. He grew up a useless Blacksmith, son of the greatest in the district, elder brother to the second and third greatest. He worked as a useless shepherd, and by a related incident became a useless boyfriend until he failed at being a good fiancÚ by the single worst possible method. Faced with his dying father handing over the family business - by tradition - to the eldest son, instead of those who deserved it, Det did the single most useful act of his entire pointless existence, leaving a pair of bloody swords and a dramatic exit.

Upon the road, he met a travelling priest, who talked to him of hope, of future, of pointlessness, and of the new world beyond the Maelstrom. Knowing the tales of Distant Cousin Stuart, who had gone over their to make his fortune (and was probably good enough to do it), Det went to Norden to find a ship to take him over. He discovered while he was still unable to work metal to any great degree, he had enough technical knowledge to fashion crude pistols with smelted metal, and with this he paid his way and got to the new world. He found his cousin Stuart and his new healer girlfriend and joined Marshall Enterprises.

Over the next couple of years he drifted. Not a great trader, he picked up a few skills here and there, and gradually more and more. Always a devotee, he started really listening to the New World's priests of the Weaver, and watched her followers ignore them. There were so many who missed the point, who would just forge a new path because they were bored, caring not for the destruction of the forest or the optimality of the path. They needed to know. He needed to tell them. He wandered into a forest and talked to the birds, the sky, and the Weaver for a while.

Eventually, she talked back.

Det has found something he's good at, and now Det has a Plan. More recently, he's acquired a (XXgirlfriendXX?) Wife (Amelia, who he's terrified is going to either realise how useless he is or die before she has a chance to), a number of people who listen when he tells them what to do - even if they don't do it, and a Thing that must be Done. There are few people who can see it, and they've been dropping like flies recently, so it looks like it's up to him...

...although he's going to try to be more careful than they were...

See also /DetailMeme

Detail's Decision Tree:

1. Fix Everything. 2. Watch the flock. 3. Don't die.


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