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Fluffins, God of nature.

Fluffins is the result of a surge in belief in a short amount of time, and the need in the universe for a representative for Lolcats. His (or possibly her) followers are the apex of kitten behavior, friendly and adorable, plain and honest scheming, desiring nothing more than being petted and fed by the world around them.

They have a temple in the centre of the city constructed entirely out of pillows, where they spend their time preening in the sun and plotting crazy - but entirely cute - schemes to get fed by the world at large, and generally they are so very, very cute that nothing will stand in their way.

Racial physrep is an adorable expression, whiskers, and a headband with two fluffy pointy ears.

Spell List (To be balanced):

Fluffins is watching you supplicate.

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