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Ragarock "Toast" Minterstone Kaoine was born to Mistriane "Ms Purrfek" Kaoine Sandsung in 1290 in a small house somewhere near the middle of Grantabrugge. Middle brother of a large litter, Bast saw fit to lend him the strength to keep him alive in the harsh realities of urban life, until he was acquired by a man in a cloak soon after he was able to eat normal food.

Never large, Toast has claimed the whole of the collage of fire as his personal territory, much to the irritation of several members of staff and, specifically, the white mice kept by Master Brushfire. He was also occasionally seen around the temple of Humact, though less so since the destruction.

Has had his tenancy to pounce on flittery, fast moving things curtailed by living with a fire mage for a while.

Dislikes beer and cider, partial to warm port.

When Panama went missing, he lived off mice and the fire college for a while until getting kitnapped outside the temple of Humact while trying to track down Miriam, fortunately his captors ransomed him to exactly who he was trying to find.

Lives in Panama's rooms in the college of fire, usually curled up by the fireplace on a flame-proof pillow.

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