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December 31st, 999AD. For two months, a great comet has been in the sky, a portent of doom. The millennium is upon us.

Nervously, the monks and nuns of Ely gather in their chapel to hold worship at the altar. Their faith will protect them if they can hold it until dawn. As dusk falls, they draw heavy oaken beams across the doors and nail them shut.

The candles are lit, and they kneel. Outside, the screaming starts, but they remain resolute and focused.

Then the voices start to whisper in their ears.

Vigil: a Horror LRP
Coming eventually.

Vigil is an overnight horror game about the end of the world. It is designed to draw on themes of faith, doubt, and desperation. What price will you pay for the survival of your family? What are your principles? Where is the line between piousness and vengeance? Can you bear the light?

The game is designed based on Christianity, as it provides a convenient vehicle for these sorts of questions which is reasonably well known to potential players. As this is a faith held by many people, it will be treated respectfully - the aim is not to mock Christian beliefs, but to explore how people turn to (and discard) their faith during a catastrophe that casts it into doubt.

It is deliberately claustrophobic and stressful. The game will be run with 24hr time in, and in a single large room which characters are trapped in.

It is intended to appeal to people who enjoy horror, difficult moral situations, doubt, and being in a pressure cooker. It is not the game for you if you want lots of combat, easy decisions, or a comfortable night's sleep.

(All material is an early draft)

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