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Since some of you were asking:

  1. Chop an onion finely. Fry it, adding a teaspoonful of garlic puree or one minced clove of garlic.
  2. Add a packet (500g) of quorn mince and brown it well
  3. Sprinkle in as much flour as can sensibly fit on a dessert spoon and stir. The mixture should get slightly sticky.
  4. Add about half a mugful of instant vegetarian gravy (I was using Colman's onion gravy in a tube) made up at double strength. Stir well as the mixture will all glom together at this point.
  5. Add some sort of concentrated vegetable stock to taste. (I was using Knorr vegetable stock concentrate- the liquid one that comes in a glass bottle.)
  6. Put inside pies. Works best if the baking is done hot and fast- I was doing about 20 minutes at 200C/gas mark 6. If you make one large pie instead of lots of small ones, blind bake the bottom crust first.

Makes about 40 jam tart size pies.

This recipe has also been shown to work with beef mince if you prefer.

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