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I am Rosemary Warner, biochemist by subject and very overqualified seamstress by profession. I make costumes. And chainmail. And jewellery. And leather stuff. And armour. And for some reason people pay me to...

I was TT secretary 2004-2005, President 2005-2006 and 2006-2007, tried to disentangle myself from the society for a year, but instead was Treasurer in 09-10 and a ref for 2010-2011. Oh well.

Since I wrote the above, I reffed again in 2013-14, bringing TT to a close, then co-ran Breaking Worlds in 2016-2018. This time I am saying I'm never doing it again though ;)

I am also an administrator of this wiki.

Very Old TT Stuff:



Past characters:





I can be found on the SRCF IRC server as Pufferfish or emailed at rjw76@the obvious places. Or you can leave a message for me here.
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